Extra Loved.

For years we have been praying for the blessing of a child to be part of our beautiful little family.

The Final Countdown

After finding out that Stephan is going to need surgery to temporarily help his heart heal as much as it can, we had to start planning the “Groot trek” (big...

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Trisomy Twenty What?

On the 29th of October we received the confirmed diagnosis of Down syndrome for Stephan. Naturally we were devastated at first. Neither of us had ever known anyone with Down...

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The 5 Stages of Grief

The day after we received the test results, we made an appointment with a dear friend of ours who happens to be the pastor that married us. I reached out...

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1 in 1 000

During pregnancy we did all the screening and tests needed to ensure that everything was fine with Stephan. With both screenings we got a “Low risk” result for any abnormalities....

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